1.All equipment must be returned directly to our store.
All rentals are due back before 6pm unless otherwise agreed.
*Customers have to let us know if you will keep equipment for overnight.
*An additional day's rental fee and fine will be chaged for each day customer keeps
equipment after return date.

When you apply for a deposit (¥ 2,000/1bike) I will take your.
Return the bike after the procedure, the deposit will be returned.
If such excess charges, the deposit will be collected from here.
(It may be for free, if you are unavoidably delayed, please contact our Required)

2.Rent a bike shop in the disability insurance and liability insurance if the applicant is adaptive because it adheres
Police record is required.
Please contact the police and shop.

3.We assumes no responsibility for any of your personal goods stolen,lost or damaged
(included clothes)
4.Accident on the bike, corruption, theft and other situations occurs, please contact our shop must be removed.

5.Customers agrees to return the bike in clean, undamaged condition to avoid and additional.
Charges for repair,maintenance or replacement.
Customers accepts use pf the equipment ,as is,in good condition and accepts full responsibiliy
for care of the equipment while under his/her possession.
Damaged parts or components will be repaired /replaced at tha shops discretion and customer agrees to pay regular
shop rates and retail prices for components replaced.

※Please have the most much repair in the nearby bicycle shop about the blowout that occurs while using the bicycle.
 (The amount will be paid by the customer)
When you return to our shop you will be in the form of support give you the pleasure of any loaner.
(If it is free)

Remain to be run flat tire, the tube will be damaged.
If so, a fee will be replacing the tube must be punctured when
As you push your bike and walk, thank you.

6. Customers should follow the traffic rules in Japan.

When it is a junior high school student to use the bicycle, the guardian's agreement is necessary.
Please fill in a necessary matter on the column below, and push the stamp, visit us when you have to print.

Guardian Name <stamp>    
School name
Emergency contacts